Hi im new my name is mia

so tell me more about coding because im not really that geeky girl

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Welcome to Codecademy, Mia.

It’s good that you want to take your first steps into the world of web development.
There are several aspects to this field.

  • Designer / UI / UX (User Interface, User Experience respectively) : everything that has to do with how a website or an application looks.
    The tools you will be needing: HTML, CSS, Javascript (and Photoshop if you wanna go the Designer route).
    HTML is the outline, the text that you see on a page.
    CSS is the design, where the text goes, the colors that you choose, and the general display and feel.
    Javascript enables interactions, and makes a page go from static to animated. Whenever you see moving elements on a page, there’s a good chance that a Javascript script is in action. CSS enables animations as well, but is nowhere near as powerful as Javascript.

All these are encompassed within what we call Front-end development.

  • Back-end engineer
    Now this is a completely different field of work. This is the core architecture of your application. It’s where all the magic and business logic happens. For example, we are writing on this forum. Users like you and me can create an account, and post messages that will be stored in a database. Well, the back-end of Codecademy enables just that, among many other things!
    For this, you will need to learn programming. Programming is the ability to understand how relations between human interactions and computers work. It’s determining what a problem is, and how to solve it. Once you’ve outlined the problem, figured out the best tools to solve said problem, you can start getting to work by programming it with the programming language of your choice.
    Codecademy allows your to learn some of these languages, such as:
    SQL (for databases)

This is most commonly known as Back-end development.

This is merely an overview of how things basically work. It’s a little more complex than that, as you will -in time- find out, with Responsive Design, Javascript libraries, various Frameworks and many other exciting things. But this is nothing you should be worrying about just now.

For the time being, I’d advise you get started with HTML & CSS, see how you like it.

Good luck!