Hi im kinda new in code wich language shoul i learn first to make games

Hi im very new but i want to start making games also i want to work as web delovoper would you give me some advice’? Sorry english is not my first tongue

those are two very different fields, doing both is very uncommon. I am afraid you will have to choice

Games depends on the platform, for web development start with html, css and JS


Well games like for android

Then learn the native language of android (which is Java)

start with learning Java in general before focusing on games


Only that? There are no other language that should i learn?

For android games, you will need only Java

of course you will use libraries, but Java is all you need

learning a programming language is easy, learning to program is difficult


And for pc games? like in 8-bits?

games like this? I think you can write those in many languages: Java, C, C++, C#, python, Lua and many more, too many to mention.


Exactly just like them thank you very much!

I am currently learning python. From what I know, python is an easier version of C++. It runs on top of C++. I am beginning to learn to make the computer do things like open the disc drive. I think python is a good beginners language.

no, python is written in C. It doesn’t make it an easier version of C, that is not how things work.

And it is not relevant to microrockstar38832 question at all


I was telling him an easier language to learn. And sorry, I thought it ran over C++.

A language which doesn’t fit with what he wants to build. That is like trying to use a screwdriver to fasten a nail.


He clearly asked about computer games also.

python is still very little used to make games, there are a massive number of language which would get preferred over python


Hmmm. You might want to read this.
In my experience python is a much easier language to learn for basic games. It is up to microrockstar to decide if he wants to learn Python or a different language.

True, but why then invest time in python if this only covers 50% of the platforms he the platforms he wants to code for? Besides, to quote from quora:

Ultimately the performance of Python isn’t good enough

so then you would switch, so why do not proper and go for a suitable language in one go?


It depends on how good at coding he already is. Also he was talking about 8 bit games. You don’t need much performance for that anyway. Nevermind. It seems that it is only us talking anyway.

Oh and before I leave. Pay more attention to your grammar.

Also here is a quote from quora also.
A very nice, simple and well known programming language that is more and more common even in game developing. A simple “Hello World” only takes up a single line. Python comes packed with very useful stuff. On the other hand there aren’t many good game engines that implement python.”

So it depends if you are writing an advanced 3d game or a simple game like this.
Oh and I know it is in processing js. But same concept.