Hi i wanna make a beyblade game

hello, i have been practicing making different things with js react. I made this beyblade that spins so everyone can see. i want to add a counter that counts every rotation. Well, i actually want to make a button with with two different beyblades and they both generate a random number of spins. So when me and my friends are having a dispute i cant take it to the beyblade page and see whos top stops spinning first. im not sure if this makes sense, but i am still very much a beginner and i am not sure where to start. If anyone could help answer these questions it would be very much appreciated.

  1. how do i set the image to spin a random number of times and stop?
    Ex: i set up a parameter of 0-500 at a speed of 1 rotation/2secs. Both beyblades would generate a random number (beyblade a. 200 rotations, beyblade b. 250 rotations) winner spins the longest.
    2.i can put a second beyblade on there and make it spin at a different speed, but how do i put them side to side? do i just add both images into the same header?

any help to get me started would be great!