Hi,I think this quiz content of Python-List is wrong on answer

I think the right answer is 4th. am I wrong? thank you

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Yeah, you’re trying to get Gus in the middle of the list.
That line makes it one off.
If the place of Sol working from the back of the list forward is -1…

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thank you , I think i was wrong and the quiz is right.

the right answer is “friends.insert(-2,“Gus”)”

because the .insert(index) method always insert a element BEFORE the INPUT-index.

so if we want to insert “Gus” as the middle, “Gus” will be before “Katya”,“Katya” 's index is -2.

so the final right answer is “friends.insert(-2,“Gus”)”
then “Gus” will be inserted before “Katya”(index:-2), then “Gus” will be the middle of the list.

thank you. it’s a confusing question LOL

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