Hi, I need help with my code Tossing in an array


I'm not sure what is wrong with my code in this task.

ar friends = new Object();
friends.name = 'stefan';
friends.lastname = 'bekirov';
friends.phoneNumber = 5082925335;
friends.address = ['Reserve Ave', 'Nples'];

friends.bill = new Object();
friends.bill.firstName = "Bill";
friends.bill.lastName = 'Jonss';
friends.bill.number = 123789456;
friends.bill.address = ['Jon Ave','Chicago'];

friends.steve = new Object();
friends.steve.firstName = 'Steve';
friends.steve.lastNmae = 'Martinez';
friends.steve.number = 789852321;
friends.steve.address = ['Pine Ave','Hyannis'];


Use the values assigned in the instructions. This is not a playground or sandbox. If you don't want problems with the exercises, then stick to the instructions. This will give best results. We are not here to entertain your fantasies.


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