Hi I,m having troble


// Practice array!

var junkData = ["Eddie Murphy", 49, "peanuts", 89, "put", 90 "peas", 90];

What is the problem?


What makes you say that it's wrong?

(generally a good idea to never use the words "work/wrong" and instead use a description of what you mean, the purpose here is to describe your problem, and those words avoid doing exactly that)


It does not work when I press save and submit.


Can you tell me the code please?


If there's something preventing you from figuring this out, then you should not yet move on. There's something here that you need to learn first.
Right now what seems to be holding you back is that you aren't identifying what's different from what's supposed to happen. You need to decide what you want to happened and why what you have written would have that effect. Perhaps you need to start with less code and add on very small pieces at a time so that you can tell when you're adding something incorrectly.


don't put quotes between junkData I'd say.


Don't use quotes to call a function. Remove quotes of junkData in console.log.


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