Hi! i have a problem setting up git in my computer, i followed matt on the video, i typed the same thing as him but the result isn't the same on my console i think there is an issue

means that the file is saved on this name…? so how ? since i typed README.txt, and that is the name we can see in my repository ( look at the image)

Ok, there’s your problem. Rename the file as just “README” The file extension is already .txt, so you putting it in the title duplicates the “.txt” part. Or you can just do git add README.txt.txt if you don’t mind how it looks.

i got it man, thank u. hope my questions don’t sound silly and don’t annoy you i’am just a beginner in this field.

No problem. Maybe one day you’ll be able to pass on your new knowledge to another beginner.

Happy Coding!

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hi guy you are my man in this part ! :joy . i want to add all my file in the repository , i typed (git add.) , the output is as you can see in the image below.

don’t mind, there is a space between add and the dot i got it :sweat_smile:

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