Hi, i am stuck at 2/10 Immediate help needed



Hi javapro38409,

Looking at the web preview, you can see that none of those CSS properties are being applied to your code. I can't test your code because it is in a screenshot but from reading through it, it seems fine.

You may have inadvertently changed something in your index.html file.

Copy your CSS code, use the Reset Code button and then paste you CSS back in.

Let me know how that turns out for you.


I did not mess with index.html and i tried to reset code but unfortunately it did not work what else can i do


Do you still have this in your index.html:

<link href="main.css" rel="stylesheet">




Thank you problem has been solved


I can see that your main.css is now being recognized. You can see that the color has changed and the text-tranform is in effect now. It was not like that in your first post.

And your error message has changed. It is now
complaining about your padding-left. If you check that line you will see that the semicolon is missing.