Hi, How do I stop CodeAcademy from prompting me to cheat?


Every time I take more then one or two tries get something right or even just see what else the feature being taught can do I get a full screen popup that tries to give me a “solution”. So I’m tweaking around, trying to identify my error and I get this popup that’s like “Let’s not and say we did…”. How do I turn this off? It’s getting on my nerves. I’d also appreciate any theories as to what value this feature has considering that by all accounts tenacious bug chasing is a huge part of programming.


I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to this. But, this comment made me chuckle into my coffee. Well put!


It is not cheating it only thinks that you don’t understand it. And when you press it try looking at it in the hope you understand the code than reset the code with, the “reset” button on the right of the “run button”. I hope this tip will help you can’t do anything else for you right now have a nice day.


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