Hi! Having a bit of trouble!


On Substrings, it's really confusing, I could really use help, thanks! cx


Please describe what you're looking for

Imagine you're talking to someone who knows everything but can only nod or shake their head, perhaps point a bit. They're not going to be able to give you a reply to what you've said so far.

For example, have you understood what a substring is? (if not, google that word)

have you understood the things used in the examples? (if not, google those things being used)

there's no way to guess where/what/why something is confusing. you've got to identify what you're missing yourself and/or describe what you've got so far and where you're trying to get

let people spend their time answering what you want to know instead of guessing what it is you want to know. the latter is inefficient enough that you're far less likely to get an answer - this answer is more efficient than doing that guessing


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