Hi guys! Why do I need to put "name" in body?


Why do I need "name " again in BODY?

var nameString = function (name) {
	return "Hi, I am" +" "+name;



HI your function has as argument name so when you you put

return "Hi, I am" +" "+name;

and you call you function with your name


it will output

"Hi, I am Alex"

your name inside the call function will take the place of the argument name
HOpe that make you understand it.


OK, now I got that name is parameter and then when I call a fucntion

nameString (“Alex”)

it puts “Alex” instead of name in body,right? And why I put blank quotes there? is it cause string should be in quotes? and parameter not?


The blank quote is for putting the space between …am and Alex

the don’t need of it " " around


OK! now I got the blan quotes.
Thanks a lot!


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No, I just helping you but you could create a new topic with your offer in this session https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/Codecademy-Community-Lounge