Hi, guys, just a quick question

Hi, guys. I’ve been working on HTML and CSS for 10 days now and just started my first project ‘Cheatsheet Project.’ and I feel like I’m lost and am in the dark. I saw some projects that others did and they are just another level, but here I am hardly keeping up with the sample Codecademy gave me.
How long did it take for you guys to feel confident and what do you recommend in general learning coding? Should I give a project a day or two to finish or just keep continuing the course?
I would very much appreciate your advices and tips.

Hello @chip3459749859, welcome to the forums! That’s great that you’ve started a project, and don’t give up!

It took me a while longer than 10 days before I attempted that project!

I would say: give it a go for another day. If you still can’t figure it out, then continue with the course and try again later.

Projects are very good! When you decide to do a project, try and write out pseudo code before you start. Pseudo code is just English (or your native tongue, or (human) language you prefer), written in a way to sound a bit like code. For HTML it might be like:

header tag saying: "heading text"

and so on.

I hope this helps!

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