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.length outputs how long something is.

JavaScript can natively do basic math, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
These can be done with the operators that you should know from a basic math class. +, -, /, and *.

// is used to make a single line comment.

Numbers are quantities, Strings are sequences of characters, and booleans are true or false operators.

console.log() logs something to console.

|| stands for or. In an if statement, if you use || and one of the multiple conditions and true, then it returns true. It all has to be false to be false.

&& stands for and. In an if statement, all of the conditions need to be true for this to be true, all other things lead to false.

% is a modulo, and it returns the remainder of a division problem.

In JavaScript, you can define a variable by

And that's about it for the Getting Started with Programming.

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