Hi guy! i have an issue setting git in my computer. i typed the same thing as matt but my result is different. if you take look at his video 4:57 mnt after typed (git init) there is file called (.git) appear, but that is not my case


Hi there.

Possibly a silly question, but you do have a file in that location called README.txt, right? :slight_smile:

thanks for your response. yeah sure, i found the solution so far, i went to view at the heading bar, and put a check mark in the hidden items box. but now i want to add the README.txt to git , but the server tell me that it “did not match any files”

Yes, that error suggests that git can’t find the file you’re trying to add.

It’s not something daft like the filename actually being README.txt.txt or something is it?

yeah i type ls , the output is README.txt.txt, it means that the file is saved on this name, but why ? since i typed README.txt and that is what appear in my repository.