Hi everyone

<You can use the questions listed here: About the Stories & Projects category to help write your story.>

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Hi @ikpafighting,

Welcome to Codecademy Forum, if you’re looking for a place to drop in say hello and greet everyone, we have a section for new users to introduce themselves in

where you can introduce yourself while reading others’ introductions and get some motivation and inspiration as well.

The Stories & Projects section is mainly cater for users who want to share their coding journey and experiences, what projects they have come out with, sharing own personal advice and recommendations based on their coding experiences. This will serve as a great source of motivation for those who start learning to code, to envision what they can achieve in future.

If you have some experience in this, then this is the right section for you and we’re very eager to listen to your side of story.

Cheers! :slight_smile: