Hi Everyone, need some help with general coding protocol

So I am a complete newbie to coding, I’ve recently begun the HTML course here and just completed the elements and structure lesson along with the quiz and the fashion bog project. Now that all went fairly smoothly my question is more about general practices and protocol.

While doing the fashion blog I watched sections of the accompanying video when i got stuck, in the video when it was time to insert the Url she was able to copy it from the instructions window and then paste it into the exercise window. After trying numerous times and failing I thought I would ask here.

Also if anybody can guide me on how to use apostrophe’s more efficiently? Using the single quotation but then having to delete one to insert my apostrophes. Surely there is a better way,

I am a completely new to most things tech as you can tell by now. so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums!

You can use keyboard shortcuts for copying + pasting:

  • Windows Copy: Ctrl + C
  • Windows Paste: Ctrl + V
  • Mac Copy: Cmd + C
  • Mac Paste: Cmd + V

Where in your HTML are you using apostrophes? Or, if that’s not applicable, what programming language are you using?

Hi Victoria,

Thank you for the reply, I will give those a shot, as for the apostrophes, it wasn’t code per se but i was entering the required text for the fashion blog project at the end of the elements and structures lesson for HTML. It was the the content of a paragraph entry, but i can now just copy and paste the exact quotes rather than typing them out manually. so thanks again.

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