Hi everybody, who can guide me in Codecademy?

Hi everybody,
I’m new here in Codecademy and first of all I have to decide a path to explore.
But first a brief introduction. I’m Ivan, 25 yo, Italian and AI lover. I graduated in July 2020 in MSC Mechatronic Engineering at Politecnico of Turin and now I’m working as a Test Automation Engineer for CNH. You may ask yourself why an MSC graduated is here… well, even tought I learn smtg about coding I’m not satisfied about my knowledge. (I regret for not choosing Computer Science…)
Well now I want to improve my skills in Machine Learning and I want to start following the right way. Could someone suggest me a path to explore in order to put me on the track for becaming an AI engineer?
Thanks for your time.
Ivan :slight_smile:

maybe Python (or R) and SQL and the Data Science path stuff.