Hey This is my first project Please Give Me Feedback Guys :)

It was really cool because when I struggled to find a way to make my ideas into a code I kept thinking about it throughout the day and the day after in the morning I had lots of new ideas. I think I managed to make a re-usable code and that is the greatest achievement of my project I think.

Please tell me how you would have managed to make a more re-usable code.

Here is the link to my code on GITHUB : GitHub - SalahAbaine/US-Medical-insurance-CodeCademy

See you GUYS !!!

Hello giga,
i like your code.
My feedback is that i think that you can use other type of char to represent your results, maybe a bar char could be better to show the charges between men and women.
I think that line show use the data but some time don’t help us to draw conclusion in some cases.