Hey there! what does the last set of parenthesis mean here

console.log(2 + function() {return 3} ()); // equals 5

So this was one of the exercises in Codecademy’s practice pack for js functions. I get that the function runs while in console log but what does the set of parenthesis after it mean?

Check pdf file
If not helping sending you another link
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console.log(2 + function() {return 3} () ); // equals 5

That last set of parenthesis is what is telling JavaScript to call the anonymous function. This can be demonstrated further by giving the function a parameter, so we can see that the argument given inside the parenthesis is passed to it.

console.log(2 + function(num) {return num * 2} (3) ); //  8 would be printed to the console

3 is passed to the function, the function doubles it and returns the value.

Not a clear coding style, but the concept demonstration is there.


Thank you so much! It makes perfect sense now

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Wow this is gold, thank you!