Hey! I'm new!

Hey guys!
My name is Omar Sinno i’m a computer science student in the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. It’s my first semester so far and we’ve been learning python syntax and code, HTML and CSS, and personally I have tried Ruby on my own for the fun of it.

Anyway, I’ve been introduced to the term “complexity” of algorithms, and while I was conducting a research I’ve come across this code ( I think it’s in Java or in C++) that I don’t quite understand and I’m pretty sure I can’t come up with the complexity of a code I don’t get.

So if anyone can help me understand this code it would benefit me a lot!!
Thank you!

void quicksort ( int list[], int left, int right )
  int pivot = partition ( list, left, right );
  quicksort ( list, left, pivot - 1 );
  quicksort ( list, pivot + 1, right );


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