Hey! I just started in here .. am kinda confused can someone please help me with variables! ... it's java lesson 5 I think ...variables... thnk U


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Without code, a link to the lesson, or an error message, there’s not a ton we can do to help you

However, a bit of advice for variables in java:
unlike languages such as Python or JavaScript, you have to specify the data type before the variable name
so simply writing x = 12 you have to specify x as a data type capable of handling numbers, such as an integer, or a float
for example:
int x = 12 will make the x variable equal to a 32-bit signed integer
there are other data types such as

  • Bool: A boolean value that is either true or false
  • Float A single-precision 32-bit IEEE 754 floating point (it can handle decimals, basically)
    There are other data types, which you can find more information about here


Thnk u…
Sorry my English is kinda bad!

The problem is this

           int myNumber;
	boolean isFun; 
	char movieRating; 

I don’t know What to right
I’m new so I don’t know a lot
Can u help me


When you’re creating a variable, you can choose to assign it a value:

for example, when you type int myNumber = 4, it creates a variable called myNumber which can then be used multiple times later on in your code.

you have to use the = sign to actually give your variable a value though, otherwise it’s just null


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