Hey ... here i am .. stuck


hey , i am here because i have some problems ...
not for one exercice but for this lesson .. how to explain i was doing the others lessons (1 to 14 )
without really big problems , sometimes i was looking at the forum but not that much ,
but now in lesson 15 .. i am stuck ..
it is like i missed lessons because i don't hunderstand everything and there is things that
are new for me to complete the exercice ... can someone help me and tell me what should i do ?



The best advice I can give you is not short but it will greatly help you. Go through all essons again or at least for every unit do at least the last three excercises of every unit for a review of sorts.


ok ... i have done that ... anything else that can help me ?

thanks for your answer :wink:


Have you tried to go back and do it yet?


ok ... i have done that ... anything else that can help me ?

yeah ... ... but there is new things that we don t study before


What 'new' things are difficult for you to understand?


Maybe record a list of functions and methods you've learned on a doc or sheet so you can refer to it when doing those problems in lesson 15.
All the problems are doable if you've gone through and understood the lessons before it.


i thing after lvl 15 , there is a new type of logic .. and i don't get it