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I was taught Java in grade 11 but i never uderstood it. today i want to learn more. and i am but i am making alot of mistakes. I mean i feel like im not going to succeed in this, because the mistakes are stupid. So i want to know does this happen to everyone? or is it one of those things which means you arent meant for coding? P.S I need some inspiration.

Thank you.


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Well, I cannot give you professional advice, as I have only been coding for 8 months now. However, I can relate because I was a total newbie at coding just a little while ago. For example, I thought java was the beginning course for Javascript xD How embarrassing! Oh sure, I have the fancy badges here but I am still learning and making plenty of mistakes. When I first started learning (first language was Java :smiley: ) Java just really clicked with me but then I got into Javascript and it seemed like I was asking a question on every other lesson. It wasn’t clicking so I was wondering if I just wasn’t cut out for it. I was making simple mistakes too like I forgot a semi-colon or misspelled something and it was frustrating. However, I stepped back, talk with other people on the forum, and realized that no, I wasn’t horrible I am just still learning. We all make mistakes that look dumb but that is just us trying to learn something that is foreign from what we have always known. I like to think of it as taking Spanish back in my highschool years as a native English speaking person. The important thing is to stick with it and to enjoy it. Maybe take a break for a little bit from it and come back to it or try something different for a little while. Ask lots and lots of questions! That is why we have the forums and great moderators and super users to help people get over that learning hump.

Sorry that was so long but I just wanted to try and be of some encouragement to ya and I hope to see you around here at Codecademy learning! :smiley:


I’ve been using Java professionally and recreationally for a few years, and when I first began I felt like I was fumbling in the dark. Sure, I’d had experience with JavaScript and PHP and a few others, but I just couldn’t figure out how anything worked quite how I could figure it out with another language. BUT! With practice comes skill, and with skill you will be able to find your way in the dark. Good luck!


Thanks for that man! I appreciate what you said. I am on it 100%. The thing is I have a fear of failing at it atm. I do not want that. I am fascinated by coding. Its amazing. I am the type of guy that does not open a book until exams come. When i first started learning Java in grade 11. It was the only subject that i was trying to learn at home, but i could not find anything to help me with. Right now, I want to do something with my life.


Thank you Mr jacob. I am also learning JavaScript at this moment. I did not start Java yet. I look forward to starting it once I am done with JavaScript. btw where can i practice my skills? like which program?

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Ah, so you’re learning JavaScript now. You can practice JavaScript any time by creating a file with the extension .js and including it into an HTML file for processing, or if you’re going to try server-side JavaScript (rather than client-side, like jQuery, or React), then you can try installing NodeJS to process your code, and run your .js files through that processor. You’re more likely to find more use with the former suggestion! :slight_smile:

As for Java, you’ll need to download the Java Development Kit on your computer from Oracle, or another place like OpenJDK. I personally use Oracle’s version. Then, you need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which serves as your code editor. I personally use IntelliJ IDEA from Jetbrains there.

Good luck!


Oh alright thanks!! :smiley:

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