Hey every one!

Hi :wave:, i wanna be a pro programmer in future.
I have a lot of ideas for my projects , and for beginnin…
Im gonna design and develop a game…
So i have some sort of questions ill be really thankful if
U guys help , and awnser me … first can u pls tell me whats the best language for developin a game…


Hey there @css4733381380 :grinning: Glad to have you here!!

There are many different languages that can be used for game developement.

Python has multiple game engines such as Panda3D and PyGame.
C# is at an all time high right now, being the language of choice for some of the most powerful game engines like Unity.
C++ has multiple game engines, including some top of the line ones like Unreal.
And though not as popular anymore, Java is still a good one in the world games, in fact I believe Codecademy has a course on making Android games with Java.

These are certainly not all of them, but it should give you a place to start.
I personally would recomend C++ and C#. They are easy to compile, run extremely quick, and can be compiled for just about any platform.

Thank u man…can u help me with another one?
Can i make a 3d game look pixely style?

I have not spent much time working with game developement, though I have heard Pixel for Python is a good one for this purpose. I believe you can make a pixel game in most game engines, since you usualy design the basic graphics your self.

youll need models for the player and mabye the menu if u want it to look cool
also what are u going to name your game? what kind is it? is it multiplayer or single player?

It gonna be a RPG open self generating world
Character is 3d object in 2d world and for simplicity, i want it 2 look pixely type…and its 3rd person

Well … now can i ask u guys another one pls?
After i learned the basics in java, what should i do?
i mean…the free trial is limited and it’ll teach u the main structure of the code…but there is a lots of other stuff i can learnright?
P.s : i cant affort 4 the pro trail

I have not done… anything with java yet, so I can’t help you much with the specifics.

Personaly I find the best tool to continue learning about a language after you have learned the basics is Google (or the search engine of your preference :wink:)

You will find much has already been documented on just about every code language out there.
A good start would probably be downloading java for your computer if you don’t already have
it: java.com/en/

Thanks buddy!:facepunch::wink:
I wish health 4 u and ur hole family and ur friends and people u love !
P.s:wash ur hands!

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What your project, let’s we say for your first is addictive games such tetris-like. You can using any language as long as it support on many devices. for this example, tetr.io is the good example.

Let’s we say you wanna try on engine, try Blender since it’s free and OSS, you can see the code, had Blueprint like UE4, small, and powerful. It combine Modeling, Animating, Rendering, in one place.

You had good income and wanna make good game. DON’T USE UNITY, since their free had watermark. they’ll say “Your game suck” indirectly (Even Cities Skyline and Rocket League using Unity, but still annoying).
You can using UE4 and making the graphic setting low and using Cel-shaders (Or toon-shaders to some people) and making Honkai Impact 3rd-like game on there.

If you asking on language, The question is “Are you planning on indie or go to big name such Ubisoft, Epic, etc.”
If the answer is Indie, you can use anything. But if you answer is AAA, then you can using popular one such C, C#, C++. they is always great for this big title since it optimize on Windows (and that’s why porting to linux bit harder. support Lutris and WineHQ).

Hey there! :smile:
Try checking on these sites, you can find several courses and tutorials:

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  • Eduonix
    There are also great tutorials on youtube, try searching a bit))

You can also try Godot. It’s getting stronger.

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I think Javascript and Python will come in handy. I’m new to programming though.

i am learening codeacadam

hello guys I’m so happy 9i have just received my HTML certificate :heart_eyes: