**HEY Checkout my fortune car Teller**

It was FUN, :heart_eyes:
it took about 20min


Love U CodeCademy:heart:

Using your code as the basis, here is a version using getters…

const message = {
  _type: [" brand new", "n old,", " rusty,"],
  _color: ["black", "white", "red", "silver"],
  _car: ["Benz", "Corvette", "BMW", "Dodge"],
  rnd (n) {
    return Math.floor(Math.random() * n)
  get type () {
    return this._type[this.rnd(this._type.length)];
  get color () {
    return this._color[this.rnd(this._color.length)];
  get car () {
    return this._car[this.rnd(this._car.length)];
const FortuneTeller = () => {
    console.log(`\nYour Future Car is:\n** A${message.type} ${message.color} ${message.car} **\n`)


I tweaked the grammar a smidge and abstracted away the Math stuff.

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WoW, Nice :clap::smirk:
, But, I don’t really get along with getters :man_shrugging:t2: , I really like a hero function to do all kinds of stuff and save the project :man_superhero:

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In the above, remove get and all the backing prefixes, then add () to the string literal expressions.

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Cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I’m impressed :smirk:

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