Hey! Are you still there?

Is anyone else having issues with this? I’m currently on the JavaScript course. Reported it as a bug and it’s been like this for 2 weeks.

The page will randomly time out when I’m working on the course. Once I close it, it marks my instructions as incorrect. Even if I haven’t started editing code yet, but reading and scrolling. What’s going on?


We will need a link to the exercise, please and thanks.


I had this problem too. It’s because you haven’t finished the instructions, but when you click ‘GET BACK TO CODING’, it automatically runs. I don’t know why, though, but it’s not much of a problem to me. I just finish the instructions and click run, and I’m able to go to the next step.

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This has been going on, regardless of the exercise. You literally cannot tab out for one second without it popping up, sometimes multiple times withing a few seconds. After you click on “get back to coding” and start writing code you lose connection and get stuck on “Connecting to Codecademy”. This is getting to be a bit ridiculous, especially for people that are paying for this.

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Yep, this is doing my head in. In the last hour alone it has popped up at least 10 times. Sometimes twice within the space of 30 seconds.

Is there any way of turning this functionality off?

FYI - I’m doing the Intro to Javascript course and am using Safari in macOS Sierra.

This is still happening. Even on a good wifi connection, it’s happening ever 5 - 10 seconds. I’m currently doing the React I course. It’s happening on almost every level.

I’m also getting this throughout the JavaScript course. Pretty frustrating. It happens when I’m home, but not while I’m connected to wifi at work.

Please, how can I turn of this…Hey! Are you still there? screen caption/lock that keeps popping up on my screen when I’m working, it’s sickening, seriously!
Please help me with this, thanks.

It is 15 February 2018 but the issue still not fixed. The same problem (currently on JavaScript course, win 10, browser chrome last version)

It is now April 2 2018 and I am having this problem consistently while working through the HTML course. It happens multiple times during pretty much every lesson. It always comes in bouts…like 5 times in a row. So infuriating, and making me want to look into alternative ways to learn. Please solve this!

Yup, still an issue. Very annoying. I have an excellent connection. Same exact problem as mentioned above. Unfortunate that this question has been unlisted while the problem remains unaddressed.

They’ve made several changes to the site but haven’t fixed this problem. What’s the point of reporting a bug if it doesn’t get fixed?