Heruko login not working Ruby on Rails Final Project

I’m trying to follow Step 12/40 on the RUBY ON RAILS Stories project but unable to connect to Heroku. This is the output in the terminal when I use ‘heroku login’:

$ heroku login
bash: heroku: command not found

I’ve followed all the steps on the Heruko guide set up so not sure what the issue is. Any ideas?

If it is installed, then it sounds like your path is not linked to your /heroku/bin directory (its location depends on where you installed it).

You could probably run a search to find the directory like this find /usr/local -type d -name 'directory_name' 2> /dev/null where directory_name is the name of your target directory.

You could change /usr/local to just / and it will search your entire computer but it’s quicker to search in likely places first.

Once you find it’s location, you just have to link it to your path (or you could just execute it via it’s full path name)…


  • the -type d is to search for type directory
  • 2> /dev/null is to filter out permission error messages (if it tries a search where it’s not allowed)
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Is this in relation to the terminal on Codecadamy or on my computer?

I assumed you are running this locally. Is this something your doing from the cc environment? Please disregard if it’s from the cc environment.

@bethhubbard can you link to the exercise if you have a moment?

This is the exercise:

I was under the assumption it was to do it in the CC environment but I’ve just tried it locally and seems to be working!

Great! Looking briefly over it, it seems like the end goal is to get you to deploy locally either way, so that’s good!

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