Herf I don't know what Im doing wrong. Tried all different ways of doing it. Please help



Please put the text between a tag

For example. . .
<a href="xxxx.com">Link text</a>

need contents that users can click


No I have tried that as well and it is still not working


You typed 'herf' in your a tag, not 'href'.
And link text, of course.


omg thank you ye that worked i been stuck here on a spelling mistake grr


Sorry for a completely different point out :persevere:


Don't be sorry, yours was still correct.


Thank you :smile:
I want to do my best to learn because it is still immature!

I must first make the study of English :sweat_smile:


the same thing is happening to me and ive tried everything and its still not working


Could you post your code so I can check it to find the problem?