Here's my personal Peloton Data Tracker Project (Public Version)

NOTE: This is a pretty barebones version of the project to protect PII of the users, but I’d be more than happy to walk others through this if it’s something they are interested in.

Problem: 2 peloton users were looking for a way to track their metrics in a way that was readable and available

Solution: this script. I personally run this at set intervals on a raspberry pi, so access to their data is usable at virtually all hours.

Here’s how it works. The code relies on first having built a csv file which contains the headings of ‘name’, ‘username’, ‘email’, and ‘password’ (for Peloton). The script pulls data from this file and then logs into peloton. From there, it downloads the users CSV data with all of their workout data. For my specific needs, we only cared about cycling data (which you will notice in the code). Several calculations are performed and some clean up is completed on the dataframes. That data is then passed into the user’s assigned Google Sheet (which also includes their interactive ‘goal’ cell used for pace calculations [this resets on the first of each year]. Since I am running on a raspberry pi, I use SMTP to send an email to each user at the end of the day with a daily wrap email.

The script utilizes several dependencies (noted in the code itself). One of the dependencies is based on the google sheets API. Information can be found here: Sheets API  |  Google Developers