Here's my final project!

Hi everybody! I’ve finished my project, finally! Here’s the link: Feedback will be largely appreciated :grin: Hooray!

I have to say, this is looking good, congratulations.

However, I’d change a few things.

  • This gray is not the best looking kind of gray, if I’m honest (personal preference, though).

  • The design you made for your header is really cool, but slightly pixelating. I think that’d be easily resolved!

  • See how your “About” and “Contact me” sections span wide across the page? I think it’d look even better if the header did the same (so the orange would touch both borders of the screen).

  • Globally everything looks good and really makes sense when put together…

  • … until I reached the About section. That really is the part I think you could improve. What kind of bothers me is that plain, white div in the middle with very small text inside. Seeing as the latest trend in Webdesign for 2017 is much larger fonts, I’d try to go for that. Also, make sure to only convey the most important and thus unavoidable information. Why not divide the text with some headings? Just a thought though!

  • Finally, if you do not wish to take any of the above into consideration, you could make this page a lot cooler with some jQuery animations! The divs of the portfolio section could animate as you scroll down the page, some elements could appear after a few seconds, etc. And if you’re feeling really bold, why not find a way to slightly animate that great header of yours? That’d be outstanding.

There, these are the few things that come to mind. I really like what you came up with, it’s colorful and has a great happy vibe to it. Keep it up and make it even better!


Thank you SO much, Ghost! All your comments and advices are very interesting, relevant and thoughtful. I deeply appreciate them. They really help me to grow and improve!

Time to go back to work now :wink:

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It looks good, nice work.

The one main issue I noticed is that it’s not very responsive (ie it doesn’t work properly on mobiles). At least half of internet traffic is using mobile devices, and if your site is targeted towards kids it might be even higher. The menu moves out of line on mobile/tablet, causing the red text to move ontop of the red in the background and become unreadable. Also the about section text becomes very small and hard to read. You could try adding this to the head element and see if it helps (otherwise you might have to use CSS media queries): <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Maybe try a sans-serif font. I think it will look nicer, and sans-serif is more common on websites. Perhaps Source Sans Pro (you can add fonts quite easily with Google Fonts). Or Helvetica if you don’t want to use Google Fonts.

The about section would also read a bit more easily if it was just aligned left instead of indented.

There’s also some issues in the HTML. Mostly just minor issues, but if you want you can use an HTML validator to check for them. This site will check HTML and highlight any issues:

Great start!, I would recommend using the _targetblank on your image links that way it keeps visitors on your site