Here's a game I made!


I made this game from scratch

Let me know if there’s anyway to improve on it, and maybe give some code to help me improve it!



What!!! How did you… I guess I have to give you access to the full game.

Looks like I beat you on first try, Creator. Nicely done, though.
I know nothing about Clash Royale, must have been beginner’s luck.
I don’t really know how you could improve upon it, but certainly keep at it!


yah Right now it’s designed to always have the player win, but I need to figure out a way to have The Creator have a chance at winning, so until then and after, it’s in “BETA”


Ahh, well that explains it. Keep up the good job!


Thanks I will do my best to get code for The Creator chance to win


good job buddy keep up the good work !


Thanks! I’m working on it!


Hi @minecraftmaster02,

It was fun playing. Love the story line. As I don’t play Clash Royale, you can consider have a small tutorial for the beginners before the battle, then it would be more engaging. I was simply choosing the options without knowing what are the strength and weakness. You can list down all characters that will appear in the battle, make it two or three parts if there’re too many, group it according to elements etc, then engage the users with some quiz, as it is training ground, only start the battle with creator when the users answer the quiz all correctly. Just a suggestion though.

All the best! Cheers! :slight_smile:


That’s something else I need to build. As I built it all out of JavaScript it’s gonna take some time


I got a minor update that should play AFTER you complete the main game playthrough, check it out, and let me know what you think should be added. I will start work on The Creator having a chance to win soon! P.S if the game doesn’t load properly, add an = at the first confirm code


@codexthon this game is meant to similar to a tutorial to Clash Royale, and it’s written pretty basically in JavaScript. I’ll work on your suggestion AFTER I get The Creator done… probably


hey guys… this next update may be a while as I’m having HTML and CSS problems at the moment for the webpage, but have no worries I have “The Creator” choice code ready (almost)

P.S I think I’m gonna try to have it run from Math.random(); to randomize his choices. if any of you know a good way to do it reply to this comment. Also would I be using return in the JavaScript?


Next Update to the game is out let me know what you think, and I’ll try to include it in the next version!


P.S. The Creator still can’t win, but that’s being worked on at the moment :slight_smile:


@supern3rd02 I think first think that you need to do it is to add Start or Play button. After that we can discuss how to improve your game.


I think should be some object which stores heroes and characters related to concrete hero. small example with abstraction:

const heroes: {
   hero1: {
      damage: functionThatReturnsRandomNumberInRange(minDamage, maxDamage),
      minDamage: 10,
      maxDamage: 50,
      life: 350,
   hero2: {
       // hero2's characters

So, when user choose hero1 and make a hit then you need to decrease life for The Creator and hero1 according to returned value of damage.

Note, this is just example of the possible way to move on.


I defeated the Creater!

But I don’t have a Nintendo switch. :disappointed_relieved:


the Nintendo Switch is just a plug, you don’t have to get it. P.S I love Nintendo soooo…


will start work on a new codebit rebuilding it from scratch, and will take ALL suggestions into consideration. the Start button is the first alert


@denys.matsevych what do you mean? how would I do that? for a start button that is