Here is the question


Here the question is not framed properly they asked to set programming to false and return true if the programming is false when done the same it is showing try to frame question properly but the site is good for learning ..tq


From what I can see the question seems to be ok you start with

var programming = false;

and set up an if else condition inside the happy function that returns true if programming is false and false if it is true. So you can either return true on the else part or and that is probably what the title of this exercise implies (by the way it helps mentioning the ex. title and/or number :wink: ) use the not operator.

But if you're already doing this and getting an error then it would be helpful to see your code in order to identify if it is on your side or on CCs side.

PS: Also shorten your title, pls!


Can I please have some help. I don't Know how to ask a question.
If someone could please tell me how that would be great!


Go to press the Q&A button of the specific exercise so you should get redirected to the correct part of the forum unless you can find it here and then press the "New Topic" Button in the upper right.