Hepl me guys


  1. create another line item in :testing:layout.html.twig with label= "accordion-styling"**

2, create another file in the testing:projects folder that the above link references to**

  1. when the link is clicked, that link should show as "active"**

  2. in this new file add styling to the header:**
    a) background green**

b) change font-size to bigger font**

c) change the icon when closed to "icon-edit" and when open to "icon-arrow-up"**


Hi @jerginhacala,

You are definitely not in the right category for your exercise! Please give that another try.


i dont know how to do this sir??


There are a couple of ways to do this but the easiest is:

  • post a link to the exercise that you are working on and I will move this whole thread over to the right forum


this is the link sir

{% extends '::base.html.twig' %}
{% block login %}{% endblock %}
{% block main_menu %}{% endblock main_menu %}
{% block class_testing %}active{% endblock %}
{% block sub_nav %}

Testing Fields

{% endblock %}


I'm going to move this to the Corner Bar category where we talk about things that are not a Codecademy exercise or project.


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