HELPPPPP! i cant figure this out


Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True

def the_flying_circus():
if ________: # Start coding here!
# Don't forget to indent
# the code inside this block!
elif ________:
# Keep going here.
# You'll want to add the else statement, too!


Your code? Do this, paste your code, hit CTRL+A, then CTRL+SHIFT+C. Then reply the post.



3 < 4
5 >= 5
10 == 10
12 != 13
Boolean operators

True or False
(3 < 4) and (5 >= 5)
this() and not that()
Conditional statements

if this_might_be_true():
print "This really is true."
elif that_might_be_true():
print "That is true."
print "None of the above."
Let's get to the grand finale.

Write an if statement in the_flying_circus(). It must include:

if, elif, and else statements;
At least one of and, or, or not;
A comparator (==, !=, <, <=, >, or >=);
Finally, the_flying_circus() must return True when evaluated.
Don't forget to include a : after your if statements!


Ok i will do an example for you.

For my if statement ill do an and statement like this:

    if 2>3 and 3>4:
        return True;

for my elif statement ill choose a or statement like this:

  if  2==3 or 5==5:
        return False

then just a random else statement



i still get a error message man


def the_flying_circus():
if 3>2 and 4>3:
return True;
elif 3==4 or 5==5:
return False

     print " go to &#9632;&#9632;&#9632;&#9632; "


Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True

def the_flying_circus():
if 3>2 and 4>3:
return True;
elif 3==4 or 5==5:
return False

     print "go to &#9632;&#9632;&#9632;&#9632;"


Whitespace. You need to keep your white space. And also you need to switch the statements on whitch it returns true and false


dude i didnt even have to write a else statement and i was able to do it

def the_flying_circus():

if 100>=50: return True

elif 100==100 or 100==30:
    return False

and it said congrats you have passed this course lol wierd


Hey. If you copy your code from your post and try to run it, what happens?

It won't run.

Why? Because you did not preserve the formatting of your code when you posted it.

This will cause people to spend most of their effort on telling you to post your code properly which means that you get far less enthusiastic help. We love to help, but it's really, really annoying to deal with this.


thanks man but i already pass that course


I think you're missing the point.

When you ask for help, make your question as inviting as possible, try make helping as easy as you can, show that you care, be polite.

You're not done living, so your course status doesn't make it any less relevant.

People on the internet who owe you nothing give you their time to help you. Treat them well.


i was not disrespecting anyone bro what you talking about ?


The code that you have been posting has had its formatting all messed up. It's different from your actual code, can you see that? @amanuel2 kept telling you this, asking you to post it in a way so that they can actually see what it looks like.

Sometimes you just gotta take a few moments to consider what the other person is talking about.

"bro" isn't always very well received either, it's a bit invasive, you don't have that familiarity. Obviously that's a cultural thing, but keep in mind that we might need to be a bit neutral with such things in a global environment.