Helpful Vim video series for you (all you command-line users/curious users)!

Fellow learners,

VS Code and Sublime are wonderful text-editors for our everyday programming use. But if you’ve ever had to do edit things in a linux environment, you may have run across the native text editors there (nano, vim, emacs).

Nano is the most beginner friendly of them all so many of us are just content to stick with it and will contort ourselves left and right to just avoid editing anything from the command-line.

However, it’s worth noting that both vim and emacs are quite powerful right out of the box, and just investing a little each day in learning one of them can make a drastic quality-of-life improvement when we spend so many hours programming. (Not to mention, it can give you the ease of mind that you have a text editor that’s powerful out of the box with almost any machine you come across).

For me originally the biggest turnoff was how archaic it felt to even look up help for it. Only until I accepted it as something I wanted to do did I find a ton of useful guides.

Here’s a video series that’s super beginner friendly and will get you zipping in vim (no mouse!) in no time: Vim (01) - What is Vim? - YouTube