Helpful Resource for Learning Command Line + Much More

Hey guys, I wanted to share a resource I came across that drastically accelerated my learning when I was on the command line portion of the Computer Science path here on Codecademy.

If you are like me, you probably got a bit confused when it came time to learn command line. The course offered on Codecademy seems to assume that you have some pre-existing knowledge of the syntax and, in my humble opinion, is not as beginner friendly as you would hope.

In my search for a more comprehensive tutorial on command line, I came across Ryan’s Tutorials which has an absolutely amazing beginners guide to command line/linux as well as a number of other helpful beginner tutorials (number systems, bash scripting, boolean algebra, etc…).

I hope this helps someone! I went from having no understanding of command line to running Ubuntu and nearly exclusively doing everything from the command line in about a week.


'A bit confused’doesn’t even begin to cover it, so I’ll be sure to check this out! Thanks!

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Let me know if it helps!

The regular expressions seem to have good explanation . Wish he included command line for windows . Thanks!

Once you’re confident about linux command line then Windows is easy-peasy.

I would like to add another resource which is pretty good.

Enjoy !


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