how do you get to the comedy/ directory


Three commands can help you navigate:

  • cd : Change directory. If you wanted to reach Comedy from Movies, you'd type cd Comedy. To go one step back, use cd ..
  • ls : List files and directories. If you're in Movies and wanted to see what's in there, you'd type ls Movies to see all files and directories within that directory, e.g. Comedy, Action, Horror, etc.
  • pwd : Print working directory. That will give you the path to your current directory. You'd see something like /home/ccuser/workspace/movies


how do you get to the comedy/ directory

You first need to figure out where you currently are. Use pwd. When you see the path, show the files and directories using ls. Once you've figured out where you are, move accordingly using cd or cd ..


thank you I hope I didn't take up to much of your time


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