No idea. just want to get with this exercise. I wish people know that not everybody is so smart what the f should I do in this exercise. where to put the if or elif what is a boolean what can i do fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

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The greatest thing about learning is what we find within ourselves when faced with a challenge. In this case it might mean going back and reading the lesson over and over again until you understand what is being taught.

What is a boolean? Anything that has only two possible states can be related to a boolean. 1 or 0, True or False, on or off, etc. In Python, booleans are instances of the class, bool. There are only two values that are boolean: True and False.

Conditional expressions always yield a boolean.

dark_outside = True

if dark_outside:
    print "It is nighttime."
    print "It is daytime"

And with elif we can insert additional test conditions:

number = 9

if number > 5:
    print 1
elif number < 5:
    print -1
    print 0

In the above, number > 5 is an assertion that when we bring in the if keyword will become a conditional expression. The yield will be True or False. When True, do this action; when False, do the other action.


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