I am stuck on this one. 

I followed the guide but the words wouldn’t show up. When I copied off the hint, it still didn’t work. :fearful:

For this lesson there will be nothing displayed. The title element is normally written to the tab or titlebar of the browser. So long as you have all the required elements, you should pass.

Since the lesson we are working on is in a page that is embedded in the site page, our title text does not display. The lesson page, if we view the source will have a title tag (element),

<title>HTML Basics | Codecademy</title>

Aside: Tag vs Element

<title>     <!-- OPENTAG -->

</title>    <!-- ENDTAG -->

The above are both tags. When combined with some text in a declaration,

<title>Bad to the Bone Inc. | Home</title>

it becomes an element. In the document tree this is known as a NODE.

The element is in the <head></head> because it is metadata intended for the browser or user agent (such as search engines). In a well formed document, the top level heading will be similar or the same as the page title.

<h1>Bad to the Bone Inc.</h1>

That’s the heading the user will see in the web page since it is written into the <body></body>, which you will see in the next couple of lessons.

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