I am not sure how to start python. What is the link I need to start prooggraming my own python?

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First off, the code you gave looked like HTML/CSS not python. Second, do you mean start programming python on Codecademy or do you mean like on your own in a coding environment?


Yes i meant start programming python on code-academy.


Go to the codecademy homepage not the discussion forum obviously. Go to your top right hand side of your webpage and click on the Catalog button. Scroll down until you see the Python box should be about the third row. Click on it and you will come to the Python homepage. Click Get Started when you are ready to get started! :smiley:

And here is a shortcut link to the webpage:


For future reference how would i add python to a code bit?


To be honest I have never heard of code bit. I have only been around for about 7 months and I don't explore a lot of Codecademy's older interface features (assuming that is what it is) so that would be something for someone who has been around longer. I would suggest asking that in a different topic in the Corner Bar section and you should get a response. If you don't get one soon from that I can ask some of the mods or super users to look at it! :smiley:


OK i will try. Thanks


codebits are purely for webpages (1 html, 1 css and 1 js file) They are not designed to run python code. There are a couple of options:

You can install python on your computer.

There are websites like where you can run python code online. Just consider if you want python2 or python3 (codecademy teaches python2)


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