Why won’t my pictures show on the right hand side? Am I doing some thing wrong? this is my code…

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    <title>"Everyday with Isa"</title>
<h1>"An Insider's Guide to NYFW"</h1>
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  <p>"NYFW can be both amazingly fun & incredibly overwhelming, especially if you've never been. Luckily, I'm here to give you an insider's guide and make you first show a pleasurable experience. By taking my tips and tricks, and following your gut, you'll have an unforgettable experience."</p>
<h2>"Getting Tickets & Picking the Shows"</h2>
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  <p>"If you're lucky or connected you can get an invite, sans the price tag. But I wasn't so lucky or connected my first 2 years so I'm here to help you out. First, plan out which shows are most important to you and make a schedule and this is a biggie: SET A BUDGET. If you're worrying about blowing your cash the Whole time you won't have fun. Then check out prices, day, and times and prioritize the designers you want to see most. Lastly, purchase your tickets and get excited."</p>
<h2>Dressing for the Shows</h2>
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 <p>"Always be true to your own sense of style, if you don't you'll be uncomfortable the whole time and it will show. Remember, NYFW is abut expressing yourself and taking in what the designers have chosen to express through their new lines. Also it's important to wear shoes you'll be comfortable in all day. Obviously you want to look good, but you'll be on your feet all day long so be prepared."</p>

Hey @heidibutters78944040

Rookie mistakes happen :smiley: Your problem is that you wrote <img scr=""> instead of <img src="">
Your second image link is missing the correct link to it, you wrote http:// instead of https:// which is why it isn’t loading at all. And you didn’t close your third image tag.



Thanks for your help. Happy day :grinning:

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