having the same issue help??

Be sure to include a space…


Do This

<!DOCTYPE html>


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Actually it does not need to be lowercase that’s just for accessing the latest html5

In truth, HTML5 is the de facto markup language in absence of any specific version declaration. If only a namespace is added to the declaration then HTML5 applies.

When HTML5 is served as application/xml or the more general text/xml it must conform to the XHTML specification (XML compliant). When served as text/html it is essentially HTML 4 with new clothes.

If just starting out, keep the HTML 4 specifications close at hand to get a feel for the tags as they were in the mid-90s. It is still the core of the current HTML spec. HTML5 is only another layer, and as a living language we can expect more to come as technology advances.

The HTML/html in the document type declaration is the name of the root element of the document. Plain and simple, that’s all HTML5 needs to know.

It’s a bit early to bring this up, so ignore or side-bar it… React.js is XML compliant. If you want to get in the habit ahead of learning React, then write self-closing tags with XHTML syntax.

<img />
<br />

I’m not sure if the space is needed in React. In HTML5 it is not needed. It is still valid XML compliant HTML.

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