I am working on this problem but gets me crazy can't figure out how I tried to google it and also here on the forum but can't find any thing that
please could you help me solve this problem
I created my repository on git and follow the steps but still have nothing
This is my code:


You aren't using the expected path to your origin:

git remote add origin


I tried to follow so but return nothing
I also tried to refresh the page but also return nothing


What does "tried to follow" mean exactly?

I need to see what you see in order to help.


This is what I did as you've shown me


It looks like you've taken a misstep back in exercise 2. Create Your Repo.

I can see that your repository on GitHub doesn't have the expected name. This is what you have there now:

It should be called


Also keep in mind that the git repository should be created in the directory created by jekyll, seems like one has been created in a parent directory. (Get your whereabouts before running commands that depend on current directory)


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