// On line 2, declare a variable myName and give it your name.
var myName = "Andrea";
// On line 4, use console.log to print out the myName variable.
// On line 7, change the value of myName to be just the first 2
// letters of your name.
var myName = myName.substring(0,2);
// On line 9, use console.log to print out the myName variable.
var myName = console.log(myName)

Please help me!! whats wrong with my code???

Replace this line with your code.


this line of code:

var myName = myName.substring(0,2);

your substring is now stored in your myName variable, so all you need to on line 9 is call console.log on it:


don't forget the semi-colon


So I am on level 8 and I did every thing it told me to and its still not working!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!


well, the only way we can help you, is if you create a new topic, with your code + error message + question.


On your last line of code, delete "var myName" and just use console.log(myName). The code is basically telling you to print out the new variable given the substrings.


I hope this debugging helps, if so, tell me is it does


thank you for the help!!


Glad to help. Keep coding!