Hi. I am trying to use the codecademy codebits but it wont load when i hit edit.
Please help asap.




the codebits are no longer supported, you can try sites like jsbin, jsfiddle, and codepen


oh. dang it.

well thanks for the heads up


but is there a way to view my code so i can copy it and transfer it somewhere else???


what code? Its very likely this is possible, but i can’t know for certain given i have no idea what code you are referring to.


my code from my codebit
i just need one code bit because i can recreate the rest but the one i need is for a project that has a time limit


Which codebit? Could you give us some more information, so we can figure out which one you’re referring to and then give you the code from that?


ok ill send you the link

please send all html and javascript


Here’s the HTML and here’s the Javascript.


oh my gosh thank you so so so so so so so much


wait are codebits now supported again???
because now i can access all my codebits


no, they still aren’t. I would still advise against using them.


oh well dang it

will it ever come back


Nope, it will never come back. It wasn’t used enough for that, and there are plenty of good/better alternatives


dang it because i really like the style of it.

#16 is very similar


If you wish to recover all your codebits, which one should probably do posthaste, then open the codebit, and View Page Source. Scroll down to the <pre></pre> that surrounds the HTML, copy and paste it into your editor. Follow the same procedure for the CSS and JS segments. Paste everything into the one file for now.

Save the file as ‘codebit-name.html’, then open it in a browser. Now copy the code that displays and save it in the appropriate files to restore all the literal characters.

Use the Back button to go back to the list of projects and repeat until all projects are recovered.


<pre>Encoded HTML</pre>
<pre>Encoded CSS</pre>
<pre>Encoded JS</pre>

The browser is the decoder. All we do is copy and paste what it displays.


i mentioned codepen along with a couple of others he could use.

@mtf, the codebits “work” again, well, at least they load, they didn’t yesterday


Yes, it looks like the editor works again. I’m kind of wondering how long CC will keep Codebits up. I’ve liked using it when there are pictures to load since they can be uploaded to CC’s CDN for consumption on their domain.