the sit stops in it and i can do anything, what should i do?


Try to refresh the page. Did you mean to type 'frist_name'?


i tried, nothing changes


I am not able to reproduce this problem. Have you tried using a different browser? Generally speaking, Chrome doesn't raise too many issues with this site but that doesn't mean they don't crop up. Do you have Firefox?


chrome is the only browser i have :confused:


Are you not able to, or not willing to try Firefox? (I'm not promoting it, only suggesting as an alternative in times like these.). You are on a Windows box, do you not have IE or whatever it's called these days?


I don't really like firefox and IE is too slow


Did this problem resolve itself? We've had no recent reports of this since you started this topic.


no it didn't, nothing changed


Keep trying. After the weekend if nothing has changed we can submit it to the support team.


nothing changed, its been like this for more than 2 weeks