How do you Navigate in the command line I need to know beacuse i have looked back at other exsiese’s and I tried finding something but I could not Please help

cd stands for change directory, which sounds like something you want to do when navigating the file system

if we type: cd --help we get:

cd: cd [-L|[-P [-e]] [-@]] [dir]

so cd is the command, then a bunch op options -L, -@ and so on, not very interesting for now

then we see [dir], which means directory we want to travel to. so for example cd example/ to travel to the example directory


But when I do the cd command the check mark is blank!

according to your forum post, you are the manipulation section. The navigation section:

is before the manipulation section, so you should have been able to find it


the way you made the question implied was a general question about navigating the file system

If you have an exercise specific question, you should include the exercise url, code and error message

okay, for the command line course a screenshot would be more useful then the code, so exercise url, screenshot of the exercise and error message


Okay, sorry about that

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