What am i doing wrong


Post everything you write in that exercise, and post the instructions, post the error messages, everything


git remote add init
git init


Instructions, error messages?


In the terminal, add the remote that points to the repository you created earlier. Use the example above to help you.

Important: If you accidentally make a mistake when adding the remote URL, you can start over and remove the remote with the following command:

git remote rm origin
doesnt add


You have either posted the wrong url or read the instructions wrong:

It doesn’t tell you to “init” your side, it just tells you to define a variable for the whole long url to your Jekyll site so it will be easier to use it in the future, like if you should use the url, you can just write ‘originall’ instead of the whole long url. So:

You should not type ‘cd’ in the top of the session (Please reply why you did it :grinning: )
Then you wrote 'git remote add init
The instructions told you to write original instead of init.
The last line shouldn’t be there (Reply why it is there, too)


And a third thing:
In “
‘your-user-name’ means that you should replace it by your own user name :slightly_smiling_face:


I did do that but I also did the instructions and it would always give me this error
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git


OK. Post a screenshot of the entire screen when you’re in the exercise



As I said before, you are adding a variable, “origin”, for the Jekyll site url.
You just forgot to write the url in the end of the command, like this:
git remote add origin


git remote add origin
git push -u origin master
is this correct


The last line should not be there. It is a part of one of the next steps in the deploy, but not this. Only the first line should be there :grinning:



In the second attempt you wrote
git remote add origin .git

The highlighted part should not be there :slight_smile:


I mean, the bold part, not the light-blue part :smile:

So the url will be like this: git remote add origin



Do you have a git repository which is called that?


When I click the link, I get a GitHub page saying that the repository is empty


I dont know, ill check in the code for it