Why is wrong with my code every time for example when I put in Corvette or Ferrari It prints out the default?

Here's code

var user = prompt("What Car would you like to own?").toUpperCase();

switch(user) {
case 'Ferrari':
console.log("Good Choice though I think there is a better one.");
case 'Corvette':
console.log("It's an awesome looking car!");
case 'Lambo':
console.log("Amazing car to get picked from school in or to drive it. Best choice out of all of them.");
case 'Venom GT':
console.log("It's the fastest car in the world!");
console.log("Wow really?");


Remember, it's case sensitive. So if you want to use ".toUpperCase();" you'll need to make your answers like so:


Otherwise if you get rid of the ".toUpperCase();" then the user may not put in the letters exactly as they should be and it will just go to the default case


Thanks so much it worked