I would like to make a website like .
I learned basic HTML and CSS.
I am stucked.
Questions :
What programs do I need to learn to make such a website?
How do I link my pages together?
How do I make so many index ? (The first few pictures than the main index)
How do I make it like I can update blog posts on the website immediately?

In Codecademy there is option in the learn page on makeing a website and making an interactive websites so try out those courses.

I tried.
It does not teach me how to link my pages together nor how to make it into a blog-like website

Actually to make a public website you need to buy it as a domain and to link pages together, well that is another adventure for you to find out through many ways… :grinning:

Good luck though!

Try learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
the structure for them is.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- write your website's title here (it won't display) -->
<!-- write your styling (CSS) here -->
<!-- write your HTML here -->
//write your JavaScript here.

I recommend you learn the basics here. If it’s not enough, try looking for the “world’s largest webdeveloper site”. :wink:

Also, to have a place where to write your code, you only need a note pad. Write your code on a notepad, save it as an .html by writing .html at the end of the name. Also, save it as “all files” and codification UTF-8. That’s for advanced things but it’s better to get used to having it now.

What is your recommendation of learning ‘‘world’s largest webdeveloper site’’?
I have learned the basic html and css.
Do you mine contacting me personally?